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Last week while we were on vacation in the glorious Adirondack mountains of New York, my friend wore a t-shirt from a NYC cafe called “Bibble and Sip”. Besides having fun repeating the word “bibble”, I wondered what it meant. My friend’s daughters, who bought him the shirt, immediately shared the meaning of bibble and all the awesome pastries they tried at the cafe. They also mentioned something about alpacas…

Word Nerd Word

Bibble, verb from Middle English bibben, either from Latin bibō (“I drink”), from Proto-Indo-European *peh₃-, or of imitative origin.

  • To eat and/or drink noisily
  • To tipple.


Bibble from Yiddish

  • To worry

Clearly, the cafe is going for the first definition.  There are definitely a few children in my house who bibble at the dinner table! What a fun word. On the Bibble and Sip website, visitors are encouraged to “BS All You Want”. Check out the website and menu to see some delicious looking desserts and pastries as well as lots of alpacas. Not sure why alpacas are such a big deal there.

Thanks to the Klingenettes for the Word Nerd inspiration and Your Dictionary for the help with word etymology.

Word Nerd Workout

Can you share a fun name of a restaurant you’ve visited on your summer adventures? Someday I hope to get to Bibble and Sip.

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  1. This word makes me laugh – I’ll be sure to use it! My husband, particularly, cannot stand little eating noises. I don’t bibble (I swear!) but am sometimes self-conscious about even swallowing since husband’s ears are SO sensitive! 🙂

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