What Does Omnibus Mean?

Every year, I get a new Mensa Page a Day Puzzle calendar.  My people like to contemplate the puzzles over breakfast.  I like the wordy ones; hubby and child number three like the math ones.  (Insert nerd emoji here.)  Last December, we saw the 2018 version at Barnes and Noble, but I made my puzzler people wait because, “It will go on sale after the New Year.”

Well, this January I discovered the problem with waiting for the 50% off sale.  Wait too long, and it’s out of stock.  Everywhere.

Sporkle trivia calendarSo my puzzler people had to endure boring January breakfasts without any math problems to stimulate their brains.  I finally broke down and bought a Sporkle trivia calendar as a substitute, and it’s fun, but not  the same.  Thankfully, the same time I got the Sporkle, I got Match Wits with Mensa, The Complete Puzzle Book.  It’s a two-inch thick volume with puzzles more like what we’re used to from the Page A Day Calendar.  The cover claims that it is “the Omnibus edition with over 800 puzzles and brainteasers” which prompted a brainteaser of its own.

“What is an omnibus?” child number four asked.

Good question, buddy.  Enter Merriam-Webster.

Mensa Quiz Book

omnibus \ ˈäm-ni-(ˌ)bəs \ from Latin omni, meaning all

  • noun:
    • a public vehicle used to carry a large number of passengers
    • a book carrying reprints of a number of works
  • adjective:
    • of, relating to many things at once
    • containing many items; an omnibus bill

Example:  Congress must hash out the details of the trillion-dollar omnibus spending bill by Friday.

Did you know what omnibus meant?  And where, if at all, do you turn for puzzles to stimulate your brain?

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  1. Omnibus is one of those words I’ve often seen but never looked up…thanks for making me smarter today! I love brain puzzles too. I used to do logic puzzles all the time, but now I do the Sunday crossword and huge Suduko every weekend. I had to look up lots of crossword answers when I first started, and it’s gratifying to look up less and less as I get better.

  2. I’m not sure my comment went through – I may have clicked off the page too soon. I love the way your family spends breakfast. I had an idea about omnibus but didn’t have it exactly. Carl doesn’t really like puzzles so we don’t do many of them around here.

  3. I didn’t really know what this word meant – and I totally want to get that page a day calendar. I used to but fell out of the habit! Thanks for the nerdy reminder 🙂

    Perhaps one day our novels or essays will be collected into an omnibus volume. Hmm…does that work, too?

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