What Does Obdurate Mean?

A few weeks ago, in her review of Stephen King’s book 11/22/63, Amy Makechnie mentioned a great word nerd word: obdurate.  Specifically, she quoted King:

“The past is obdurate.  It doesn’t like to change.” 

Thank you Mr. King, and Amy.  Now, let’s learn some more…
Obdurate \’äb-d(y)ə-rət\ adj, from Latin obdurare, to harden;  hardened in feelings, unyielding, resistant to persuasion.
I know some obdurate people, do you?  Frustrating, aren’t they?

Word Nerd Workout

It’s different this time, so read carefully.  Think of some antonyms for obdurate.  Share them in the comments.
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  1. I love that word! I looked it up so many times when reading that book. Thanks for the spotlight. As for antonyms: flexible, passive, easy, soft. Love the other “O” words too and while I have a sense of what they mean, I’m going to go look them up…

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