Guest Posts Welcome

I love to feature guest entries at Diary of a Word Nerd

If you are a fellow Word Nerd, and you would like to share some insights into words, reading, or books, please submit a guest post.  

Suggested Topics

  • book reviews
  • literacy
  • reading recommendations
  • how to encourage reading
  • current events in libraries, publishing, and the book market
  • vocabulary

Guest Post Guidelines

  • The post should have an informal, friendly tone, yet still provide useful information.
  • I like to publish short vocabulary posts on Wednesdays (100-250 words) and articles on reading, books, and the like on Fridays (500-600 words). 
  • Include a brief bio and picture.
  • Include links to relevant websites.
  • Please return to the site to respond to comments.

Send your submission to me at julia dot tomiak at gmail dot com and we can discuss publishing dates.  I’m looking forward to working with other Word Nerds.


    1. Thank you for your interest, but right now I’m not accepting books from people I don’t know to review. I wish you luck and if there is some other way I can help you, I’d be happy to do so.

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